Hamburg Model United Nations 2016

1st - 4th December 2016

++ Information on Registration ++

The registration will take place on Thu, Dec 1, 2016 from 10 am to 4 pm on campus of Hamburg University in the foyer of Audimax (see map, no. 62).


Leonard Heberer Secretary General

Leonard Heberer
Secretary General

Honorable delegates and chairs, dear partners

It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you all to the 18th edition of Hamburg Model United Nations.

Born as an ambitious idea from a few young MUN-enthusiasts in one of Hamburg´s countless bars in 1999, HamMUN has developed over the decades to become the largest and most sophisticated university level conference in Germany.

Their passion and dedication laid the groundwork for all of the following conferences and even though we can consider us an institution in Germany´s, and even Europe´s, variegated MUN landscape, we face new challenges each year.

My gratitude is going out to the incredible Secretariat, which works day and night to provide the best possible experience for all of our participants, and to all of our partners, without whose support this conference could never happen.

It is my belief that our generation lives at a turning point of the tides. We chose our topic in realization of this rapidly changing environment. “One World, One People – A Future Beyond Borders” reflects the ever growing interconnection between cultures and societies, which seemed unreachable only a few years ago. While we all feel and know that these changes enrich the lives of so many people and open unprecedented opportunities, we are also aware of the negative consequences this might entail.

War, poverty, environmental destruction and global inequality are no longer the problems of only a few countries in the global south, but affect every one of us. New means of communication and information provide access to and understanding of the problems faced by people all around the globe. And when there is awareness, there can be no justification for inaction. Even more so, we have to conclude that the society we live in favours a selected few, not based on their talents and abilities, based only on their place of birth rather than their talents and abilities.

As I emphasized before: We live at a turning point of the tides, but rather than to oppose it, to keep the status quo intact, we should embrace it and stand up alongside each other in making the 21st century the first truly global century.

While bearing this in mind, I hope that you will find a unique experience here at HamMUN 2016, with fruitful debates, amazing socials and an excellent service.

Kindest Regards,

Leonard Heberer

Secretary General


Where: University of Hamburg, Germany

When: 4 Days (1st - 4th December 2016)

Who: 600 Delegates, Chairs, Guest Speakers and Staff

How Much: 90 € Fee

What is NEW at HamMUN 2016? For the first time in HamMUN history there will be a spanish-speaking Committee (UNASUR). Furthermore you will be able to apply for our Historical Committee as well as for a TRIPLE Joint Cabinet Crisis!

Hanseatic Model United Nations

The Hanseatic Model United Nations Society is a student society at the University of Hamburg. It was founded int 1996 and has organised the HamMUN Conference every year since 1998. Furthermore we have weekly simulations during term time.

Model United Nations

Model United Nations (also referred to as ‘Model UN’ or simply ‘MUN’) is an academic simulation of the work of the United Nations.