African Union

African Union

Level: Intermediate

Topic 1: Water security and ensuring fair sharing between riparian states

Topic 2: The relationship between the African Union and United Nations 

Number of Delegates: 35

The African Union is an international organisation consisting of all 55 countries on the African continent. It was founded on 26 May 2001 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and launched on 9 July 2002 in South Africa. The AU aims to achieve greater unity and solidarity between the nations and the people of Africa, also to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of each Member State. Another goal is to promote peace, security and stability on the continent and to spread democratic principles and good governance. 


Khalid Yassin

I’m an originally Palestinian student currently studying in Hamburg, Germany. I’ve been immersed into the MUN world ever since I was 15, it was a platform that gave me access to wondrous minds and beautiful people, and frankly I’m addicted to seeing the gems that everyone has hidden deep inside of them. And let’s not forget about the beauty of embarrassing punishments that your reputation will probably never survive. At the end of the day we’re all here to grow and have fun, so let’s all join each other as strangers and leave together as a large family that loves to hate themselves.

Njeri Kiunjuri

My experience in conferences and MUN spans to more than 8 years, I participated for the first time as a delegate at the East African MUN. Since then, MUN has became a part of my life. I am Currently the Secretary General for Sub Saharan Africa International Model United Nations (SAIMUN) and I have been a chair in various committees under EAMUN, KenyaMUN, CUIMUN AND PARISMUN

Hobbies: I love travelling and reading, a very huge fun of John Grisham and Dan Brown, but I always enjoy good humor sandwiched in a hearty laugh.

Fun Fact about Me: Oh how I love Spongebob and Adventures of Avatar Aang! Have re-watched it enough time. When I am adulting, I prefer to re-run/watch SUITS.