Chair & Crisis Staff Information

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The Chairman/-woman of the committee moderates the debate, keeps time, rules on points and motions, and conduct the rules of procedure. If you want to apply for becoming a chair, you should have considerable MUN experience and be passionate about conducting MUNs. A Chair should be able to deal with difficult situations and maintain order in the committee.

Vice Chair

Vice Chairs are assigned to larger committees and have the same tasks as chairs and support them in their work. However to serve as a Vice Chair is open to all MUNers who show dedication and aspire to become a chair without or with only a little chairing-experience.

Cabinet Director (Crisis)

Every room in the HamMUN 2017 JCC will represent the security cabinet of a different nation. Each of these rooms will have a backroom charged with the C4I for that state. C4I breaks down into: Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence. It is the duty of the Cabinet Director to manage the backroom and ensure the efficiency and efficacy of the National Crisis Team members.

National Crisis Team

The National Crisis Team populates the backroom. The members work with the Cabinet Director to effectively execute C4I for the given nation. Among their duties, the backroom is charged with processing action orders given by their cabinet and determining their results giving the members almost omnipotent powers.