Council of the European Union

Council of the European Union

Level: Intermediate

Topic A: EU Common Foreign and Security policy: Sahel region

Topic B: The reform of the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS): the 2020-2030 framework and its possible impact on competiveness

Number of Delegates: 28

The Council of the European Union is the upper house of the legislative body of the European Union. The Council is composed by the different Ministers of the European Union, and can take on 10 different configurations depending on the matter in hand. This means that for each different configuration, there will be different Ministers from each member state,Container ie. if the General Affair Council is taking place, delegates will represent the Foreign Minister of their country, whereas if the Agricultural and Fisheries Council is in session, the respective Agricultural Ministers will be represented and so on.


Orestis Lagouvardos-Kotronis

Hello everyone! My name is Orestis Lagouvardos-Kotronis and I was born and raised in Athens.

I am currently at the end of my undergraduate studies in the field of Economics at Athens University of Economics and Business with a minor in the field of Finance at American College of Greece.

From early on I discovered my profound interest on foreign languages as I already speak English, French and Spanish (apart from my mother tongue) and I’m planning to learn more. My academic interests are moving around Macroeconomics, Monetary and Fiscal Policy implementation, Labor Economics and Politics.

I discovered the world of MUN’s at the age of 16 and since then I have participated in more than 15 simulations, simulating national, regional and international organizations both in Greece and abroad. I consider my involvement with simulations as pivotal in shaping both my present and my future. Through them I understood my passion for economics, I can appreciate the importance of arbitration in terms of finding common grounds and I have made true and lasting friendships.

I also love reading, writing, travelling and exploring new places and landscapes. My favorite quote is the following: “may your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears”.