Council of the European Union

Council of the European Union

The Council of the European Union is the upper house of the legislative body of the European Union. The Council is composed by the different Ministers of the European Union, and can take on 10 different configurations depending on the matter in hand. This means that for each different configuration, there will be different Ministers from each member state,Container ie. if the General Affair Council is taking place, delegates will represent the Foreign Minister of their country, whereas if the Agricultural and Fisheries Council is in session, the respective Agricultural Ministers will be represented and so on.

Topic A: Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy 

Topic B: Redrafting the Dublin Regulation 



Philippe Lefevre

Philippe Lefevre is a third year history and politics student currently based in the mad max hellscape that is the UK, specifically York. His MUN experience started with Hammun 2016 and he is very happy to return this year as a chair! Since then he’s been to over 25 conferences from Edinburgh to the Indian subcontinent. With what little time his addiction allows him, he also works alongside the Youth Association for a Greater Europe and various other European groups that allow him to waste his time making friends and having fun.

Sebsatian Vogelpoel

Sebastian Vogelpoel is of Dutch and British nationality and currently studying an MSc in International Relations and Diplomacy at the University of Leiden Den Haag. His involvement with MUN has been long and distinguished, starting at the age of 15 he has attended over 25 conferences acting as both chair and delegate. Furthermore, at University he founded his own MUN society and acted as its president. He is very excited to be part HamMUN and he looks forward to serving you as your Chair in the European Council.