HamMUN has a long tradition for suspenseful crisis simulations. 

Crisis is different from “regular” MUN: crisis knows little rules of procedure and formal debate, but a constantly evolving crisis situation.  Based on decisions and actions, crisis is not only suspenseful and thrilling, but changes dynamically and challenges the creativity and abilities of experienced crisis delegates and newcomers alike.  


At this year’s HamMUN, we will feature an amazing crisis:


The year is 667 AD and the British islands have become the battlefield of powerful political actors who are striving to shift the balance of power in their favour. Lead by the sons of the legendary Viking Ragnar Lodbrok the Great Heathen Army has landed at the British coast after demanding tribute from East Anglia and a crushing victory against the forces of Northumbria the Norsemen are now turning their attention to the two remaining Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms Mercia and Wessex. Traditionally rivals for the hegemony in England, both kingdoms are now forced to cooperate in order to protect Christianity in England. Should these endeavours be successful, nobody knows how long it will take until the two rivals are back at each other’s throat again. In the highlands of Britain’s north another power is emerging: After the Picts have been united under one banner 20 years ago, it is now time to see whether they are able to defend their lands against a powerful enemy.
Take the role of a fearless Viking or a pious defender of Christianity and rewrite history. Do you have what it takes to shape Britain’s destiny?

Level: not defined

Number of Delegates: 50 Delegates



Lukas Hofmann

Lukas is a 22-year-old economics student who is currently in the last weeks of his Bachelor programme at the University of Hamburg. His fascination for crisis has not decreased, since he got tricked into directing the historical crisis at HamMUN 2016 which he enjoyed so much that he decided to also direct the next crisis in 2017. After a break from crisis in 2018, he is now really excited to finally hold the most important position at HamMUN again! In his rare free time that is not spent on MUN Lukas enjoys cooking and reading books.


Having just finished his bachelor in political sciences, there is plenty of time for him to prepare a crisis to be remembered. After having annoyed his fellow crisis director Lukas for two years, he promoted him when he became Secretary General last year. Some say he is the Medvedev to his Putin, others say that they are the dinosaurs of the HamMUN historical crisis. Together with so many amazing human beings, he is looking forward to enable you, the delegates, to have a HamMunique experience!