One of our main goals is to give committed students the chance to participate in international MUN-conferences all around the world.

What we offer:

Preparation for the conference through training of MUN-competences: Research, giving speeches,negotiating, resolution writing etc. 
Support in planning your trips to different conferences.
Unforgettable experiences through participating in MUN-conferences: Training of speaking an negotiating skills,a unique insight into thr world of the UN, international contracts, great parties and  lot of fun!

What we expect from delegates:

Before the conference:

  • Regular and active participation in the weekly sessions + participation in at least one MU N-Workshop or alternatively: evidently MUN-experience which corresponds to or exceeds the above mentioned.
  • Willingness to engage oneself in the organization of the delegation.
  • A motivational letter (1/2 - 1 page) in which the skills concerning MUN an the motivation to take part in a conference should be explained.
  • Of course be a member of the HanseMUN e.V.

At the conference:

  • Good representation of HanseMUN e.V. through committed participation in the committee.
  • Following the rules of the conference.

After the conference:

  • Writing a report about the conference. (That is a must in order to achieve credits or "Scheine"!) 
  • Generally feedback about the conference, the organisation etc.