(Disarmament and International Security Committee)

The Disarmament and International Security Committee tackles the issue of disarmament, global challenges and threats to peace and works out solutions to these challenges. It considers all this issues within the scope of the Charter or relating to the powers and functions of any other organ of the United Nations; DISEC promotes also cooperative arrangements and measures in order to strengthen stability through lower levels of armaments.

Level: Beginners

Number of Delegates: 50 Delegates 

Topic A: The role of technology in maintaining peace and security

Topic B: The role of private military companies in creating and sustaining conflicts in the developing world

Chair E-Mail: disec@hammun.de

Ryan is currently a third year student at Leiden University in the Netherlands, studying a bachelor of security studies. Born and raised in a small village in the Netherlands he is now heavily involved in its local politics joining at an early age and is currently an active city councilmember. Ryan decided to join his first MUN in a split second decision and has enjoyed every minute of it thus far. Besides studying and working in politics, Ryan loves spending time with his horses and being about in nature. He is excited to be chairing at HamMUN2019 and looks forward to seeing you all there!

Ryan van Osch

Natalie Kostara is currently studying law at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece. In the following years she is planning to move abroad and conduct my post graduate degree in international relations and politics or economics. Her first introduction to the MUN community was in middle school and since then she has participated in multiple conferences both as a delegate and as a student officer. For a long time she has been trying to raise awareness and sensitize the public regarding humanitarian and environmental issues with a focus on women’s and children’s rights and plastic pollution. Apart from MUN conferences she has a passion for art history, traveling and 90s sitcoms. Her co-chairs and her really look forward to meeting you all and they promise you that they will work tirelessly in order to provide you the chance to conduct fruitful and productive debates and create some great memories!

Natalie Kostara

Stefanos, 19 years old, will have the pleasure to serve as one of the chairs of this years DISEC. His journey in MUN started 5 years ago and it has played an important role in making him understand who he is to this day. For many people, participating in this kind of simulation conferences is of no importance or nerdy to say the least, but for him it is a life changing opportunity to meet new people, travel the world and further understand the multifaceted way that the UN operates. As of his non-MUN related life, he is currently a second year law student in Greece and he is obsessed with 90's sitcoms and YU-GI-OH!!

Stefanos Kerkoulas