(Economic and Social Council)

The Economic and Social Council was established as one of the six main organs of the United Nations by the UN Charter in 1945. It strives for achieving sustainable development in a social and enviromental sense alike. 

Level: Beginners

Number of Delegates: 40 Delegates 

Topic A: Adressing the economic consequences of climate change in Least Developed Countries (LDCs)

Topic B: International cooperation in fairly and effectively collecting tax revenue from multinational companies

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Maxime is 20 years old and a third year student at Amsterdam University College, studying law and economics. HamMUN 2019 will be her 13th MUN conference since she started when she was sixteen, and it will be her 3rd time participating HamMUN. She hopes to contribute to a good experience for delegates this year, like the experiences she’s had at HamMUN before. Outside of university and MUN she loves to sing and play the piano, as well as cooking and baking whenever she has time.

Maxim Eljon

Wassim, or ‘elegant’ in Arabic, doesn’t believe in coincidences regarding his name. He is a Brussels-based student in business engineering in his first Master’s year. Wassim is also the Director-General of Brussels Model European Union. Besides his interests in European politics, Wassim has a keen interest in finance and hopes to land a job in investment banking with the aim of becoming the next Jordan Belfort. Wassim also strongly believes in the power of democracy, dialogue and unity, hence his engagement in Hamburg MUN 2019.

Wassim Essebane

Utsav is a Master’s student in International Economic Policy at Sciences Po, Paris with focus in Emerging Economies and European Studies. This along with his previous experience working with the Transfer Pricing- International Tax Services Division of Ernst & Young has encouraged him to shape his career in International Trade, Development Finance, Macro Economic/Market Research and Public Policy Evaluations. He is currently working with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Geneva, in their Division of Investment & Enterprise where he performs FDI analysis and related policy research. He is fanatic about A.I. and loves to research around A.I. related governance and Public Policy Research. His interests lie with negotiation and historical crisis committees. He enjoys good food, wine, lectures, debates, and quite generally all that pertains to the world of yesterday. Having participated in MUNs in all capacities since 2013, he believes that MUNs are a perfect platform to have quality discussions while acquiring multiple values and perspectives. Utsav is looking forward to getting to know more passionate MUNers and is keen on hearing great ideas and speeches in the ECOSOC.

Utsav Shah