The City of Hamburg

Hamburg, home to one of the largest ports in Europe but also the second-largest city and an important media centre in Germany.

Hamburg with it’s 1.8 million inhabitants, of which there are over 40.000 students, and its exciting nightlife, culture, rich history is home to our HanseMUN and host to the annual HamMUN.

Next to old industrial buildings, rusting factories or big open-spaces filled with containers you will find that the city boasts an enormous amount of parks and waterways, where people enjoy their free-time doing sports, barbecuing, going swimming or paddling.

Such diversity can be found almost anywhere, no matter which district you visit. Only a few minutes’ walk separate the often beautiful villas at the river Alster from some rather ugly tower blocks and while Hamburg has the highest density of millionaires in Germany there are also several hundred homeless people.
In short, Hamburg is quite diverse – no matter which aspect you look upon.

Here we will try to give you a very brief overview of which places are worth visiting. – However there is plenty more to discover…



Central to Hamburg is its port, which is the second largest in Europe, only surpassed by Rotterdam. To see the harbour, subway station ‘Landungsbrücke’ is the best place to go.
From here you can either go on one of the many harbour boat trips or use a public ferry. You also can take a stroll along the waterfront which will lead you into the Speicherstadt and then HafenCity or onto the Reeperbahn, depending on the route you take.


The Speicherstadt is the historic part of the harbour. The old warehouses once were at the centre of the harbour, goods were stored or processed there.
Nowadays the storehouses are mostly empty or used in another way – one of them houses the Miniaturwunderland, the largest model railway worldwide and is well worth a visit. Spicy, a hands-on spice museum and the popular Hamburg Dungeon, a gritty dungeon based theme park are also located here.


19168In the opposite direction of the famous Speicherstadt is the Reeperbahn. This kilometer of madness is packed with bars, pubs, sex shops, strip clubs, courtesans and much much more to ensure a pleasurable time to visitors. It is also home to the place where the Beatles launched their career of worldwide fame. The Top Ten was one of the clubs they played in, which now houses the club Mondoo.

If you are going to the Reeperbahn to party, rest assured that there will be at least one place that plays the music you like and/or has the drinks you want. The 20up bar in the Empire Riverside Hotel is, as the name suggest, located on the 20th floor of said hotel and has a spectacular view. Here you can observe the busy port, the Blohm&Voss docks, the river Elbe or watch the sun set, all while sipping your favourite cocktail.

If you want to get away from the madness that is the Reeperbahn in favour of something calmer, the Hamburger Berg is perfectly suited for you. Especially popular amongst students for its relaxed atmosphere and very affordable drinks, including the classic Hamburg drink, the “Mexikaner”.


Close to the University, and therefore our MUN chambers, is the river Alster. It is a dammed in river, terminating right in the middle of Hamburg, resulting in a big lake that is split into two parts ‘Innen- and Aussenalster’. If the weather permits, you can take a boat trip or rent a paddle boat and explore the Alster on your own accord from the Jungfernstieg. From the Innenalster you can head towards the Mönckebergstrasse, the primary shopping district in Hamburg with a great variety of shops to satisfy every shopping spree.

This short list doesn’t do the beautiful city of Hamburg justice, as there is so much more4569971