Historic SC

Historical Security Council

of 2011

The Historical Security Council gives the delegates a unique chance to travel through history. Framed within regular UNSC rules, the Historical Security Council takes place at a time of great world turmoil, and allows the delegates to alternate history in their favor.

Topic: Popular Uprising in Libya

 Chair E-Mail: historic-sc@hammun.de


Vivian van der Linde

Vivian was born to a Dutch father and an English mother and moved to the capital city of Austria at the age of 6. She turned 22 last term and is enrolled in the final year of her bachelor of European Studies at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Intending to pursue a masters in Global
Criminology, Vivian is currently doing a minor in Criminology and International Criminal Law at the University of Vienna. She started her MUN trajectory as a member of the Permanent Delegation of Maastricht’s United Nations Student Association. Since then she has attended multiple MUNs both as a delegate and a chair. Vivian is looking forward to attending HamMUN and the beautiful city of Hamburg for the third consecutive time.

Sören Wehrheim

Sören is a 23-year-old student of computer science at the University of Paderborn in Germany. He first participated in MUN in high school and has since then attended over 60 conferences in Europe, Asia and North America. Sören attended the last three editions of HamMUN as a delegate in the Security Council and is now very excited to serve as chair of the same committee (albeit the historical version). Outside MUN, he enjoys travelling, reading, talking politics and using every excuse to not attend classes. He is looking forward to meeting many friends, old and new ones, in Hamburg.