Historical Crisis

Historical Crisis 

Number of Delegates: 24

The year is 1388 Anno Domini the Hanseatic League ascended to a powerful economic and political power in northern Europe. The years to come and the numerous challenges they bring will coin its future in a very significant way. After the death of her son Olaf IV and her coronation as the queen of Denmark Margarete I is competing for the Crown of Sweden against Albert III, Duke of Mecklenburg and King of Sweden. The Swedish noblemen are supporting Margarete, but the capital of Stockholm is still loyal to Albert. To support his naval forces he recourses to the help of a group of buccaneers, the famous Victual Brothers (one of their leaders being Klaus Störtebecker), who established their own territory on the island of Gotland and are now terrorising the Baltic Trade.

The growing piracy and the other effects the War of Swedish Succession causes are deeply concerning the other Hanseatic Cities among them the most powerful ones Hamburg and Lübeck, who are competing for the leading position within the Hanseatic League. At the same time the Teutonic Order, a member of the Hansa himself, conquered large parts of Prussia and the Baltic region and established one of Europe’s most modern and well-structured states, constantly looking to extend its power. 

Take the role of an alderman of a Hanseatic City or of a Teutonic Knight and represent your city/ order at the Hanseatic Diet, to make deals that lead to an unimagined era of wealth. At the same time you will have to tackle several challenges during the crisis. Are you able to lead your city successfully through the troubles of time?

Crisis Director

Lucas Hofmann

Hello everyone! My name is Lukas, I am 20 years old and I am studying economics at the University of Hamburg in my third year. I am addicted to MUN for four years now, this year will be my third HamMUN. Last year I was managing the backroom, when the fearless crusaders fought against the great Viking army to convert Scandinavia to Christianity. I am glad to be back this year to provide you with another crisis that will definitely bring a lot of fun and amazing moments to all of you!

Backroom Crisis

Leonie Deppenkemper

Leonie Deppenkemper is currently studying law at the
University Hamburg. She already participated in various
MUN conferences as a delegate, the last ones were
NationalMUN in New York and the WorldMUN in
Montréal. The latter was especially interesting for her as
she was member of a very interesting crisis commitee,
dealing with the drug war in Mexico. Thus Leonie is very
happy to use the opportunity at the HamMUN 2017 to
be part of the crisis staff for the first time.

Frontroom Crisis

Edvin Mæhre and Inga Meyenborg

"Edvin Mæhre is studying for a master's degree in economic and social sciences at Bocconi University, Milan. He began his involvement with MUNs in 2015, and this will be his third time at HamMUN, and the second time chairing. Edvin speaks German at the level where every response comes in English, and Italian well enough to blaspheme accurately. He is most easily bribed with alcohol and cheap pasta.

Inga Meyenborg is a production engineering master student at the University of Bremen. She is especially interested in aerospace engineering, where she has gained experience through different internships, for example at Lufthansa Technik. She started to get involved with MUN in 2012 at HamMUN as a delegate and has attended various conferences, for example PiMUN and OstseeMUN, both as a chair and as a delegate since then. Currently she is spending her summer in Iceland, working on a farm and training horses.

Inga and Edvin oversaw the first crusade of Scandinavia in last year's Historic Viking Committee, and are looking forward to see that topped at this year's simulation of the Hanseatic League."