UNHRC (Human Rights Council)

The Human Rights Council is a Council dealing with the problems of the human rights being abused in the world. The UN-member States are trying to work together in order to find solutions for the problems and in order to prevent them from even coming into existence in the first place. Although there are many different cultures which shall be valued, there are universal rights such as, but not limited to, right to life, right to freedom, right to subsistence level and right to religious freedom which are supposed to be granted. Also the Human Rights Council regards itself as the helper in need by situations or people threatening people and their rights.


Topic A: Preserving Social and Cultural Rights in Nations Affected by Terror 

Topic B: Freedom from Religion

Chair E-Mail: unhrc@hammun.de 


Justyna Danilo

Justyna is a currently pursuing a masters of law and a bachelor of Arabic studies at the University of Warsaw, Poland. Her first MUN experience was in 2011 and ever since that time she took part in various MUN conferences both as a chair and a delegate. Her experience also includes representing the University of Warsaw at the Philip C. Jessup Moot Court Competition
three times as well as organising conferences and international exchange projects by being an active member of AIESEC - the largest youth-run organization in the world. Apart from all of that, she is a huge enthusiast of travelling and is always willing to share her stories with you.

Katharina Krueger

Katharina is 23 years old, and acquiring her master of human rights and humanitarian action in Paris. She is an avid language learner, loves to cook, garden, draw, and pet cats (to make up for not having a cat of her own). She cannot yet brag about how many MUNs she has participated at, but does not enjoy the conferences any less than the experts. She looks forward to meeting you all in Hamburg at the end of the year!