(Human Rights Council)

The Human Rights Council is responsible for the promotion and protection of human rights ranging from the violation of rights in conflict areas to economic, social and cultural rights. This being said, the UNHRC adresses human rights violations and makes recommendations. Although there are many different cultures which all shall be valued, there are universal rights such as - but not limited to - the right to life, the right to freedom and personal liberty and the right to religious freedom, which are supposed to be granted to every one. Besides, the Human Rights Council regards itself as "the helper in need" when people are threatened in their fundamental rights. 


Level: Beginners

Number of Delegates: 50 Delegates

Topic A: Ending Female Genital Mutilation and addressing its impact on health and development

Topic B: Assessing Human Right Violations against Uyghurs and Kazakhs

Chair E-Mail: unhrc@hammun.de


Sören is a 24-year old student of computer science at the University of Paderborn that hopes to have graduated by the time of HamMUN. He first participated in MUN in high school and has since then attended over 70 conferences in more than 20 countries. HamMUN is one of his favourite conferences and the 2019 edition will already be his fifth time there. Outside MUN, Sören enjoys excessive travelling, reading, running, art house movies, listening to music of virtually any genre and engaging in political discussions. He is looking forward to meeting many friends, old and new ones, in Hamburg.

Sören Wehrheim

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Sarah Hechler

Christopher is a half German half British doing his master’s in Physics and Computer Science in Münster, Germany. In his spare time he enjoys mind sports such as Go and Chess. Furthermore, he is studying Chinese and dances a lot, mainly Salsa. Overall, he is quite a geek – you can get him hooked with everything science. He loves travelling to new places and meeting new people. He loves the feeling of understanding the world a little better each time. He was introduced to MUNs in grammar school. After a long break, he restarted my MUN “career” at HAMMUN 2017 and he is honoured and delighted to be back!

Christopher Lieberum