Joint Cabinet Crisis

Joint Cabinet Crisis

Number Of Delegates: 30

HamMUN has a long tradition for suspenseful crisis simulations and this year, we seek to dwarf even our own history. During our conference, we will simulate a Joint-Cabinet-Crisis.
This means that two cabinet style commitees will engage together or against each other in a truly unique and challenging crisis. Unlike regular MUN committees, the cabinets will work just like a president’s cabinet with every single delegate representing for example a Minister of the Interior or Director of the CIA instead of a country - complete with their own staff and agents at their disposal.
Crisis is different from “regular” MUN. Little rules of procedure and formal debate, but instead a constantly evolving crisis situation that is not only suspenseful and thrilling, but also changes dynamically based on your decisions and actions.

What we promise you is a unique crisis simulation that will challenge the creativity and abilities of experienced crisis delegates and newcomers alike - and no matter if you are a crisis veteran or want to try out MUN crisis for the first time: You are most welcome in this experience that will most likely be the highlight of anyone’s MUN year.

In order to make all of this possible, we give you a crisis team of unprecedented size and which features a cumulative MUN Crisis experience of over 30 years. Our delegate to backroom ratio is 1:4, something that few MUNs can ever muster and our whole team is working hard to make this years HamMUN JCC the best possible experience.


In 1917 the world is at stake. The Great War has brought with it new weaponry, the fallout and dissolutions of empires and the creation of modern states. In the Middle Eastern front the Ottoman Empire is facing local and Entente enemies at multiple lines. The pan-Islamism Abdul Hamid II and his successors had promoted, did not unite the Muslim world. Instead, Muslim populations revolt against the Sultan and ally with Great Britain and France to help them in their fight.

In the Arabic Peninsula, dominant tribal leaders take advantage of the fallout of Ottoman Empire to rebel and gain autonomy and power over vast territories. To the west the Kingdom of Hejaz occupies the Holy Cities; the center and north is under the Emirate of Jabal Shammar, the only Ottoman ally in the region while Riyadh and surrounding regions belong to Sultanate of Nedj. However, the struggle of tribal and religious leaders to assure control over their territories and expand their influence, weakened and confirmed the various divisions in the peninsula.

Conflicting tribal and foreign interests, opposing Islamic doctrines and practices, and the fight for hegemony, took over as tensions in the peninsula escalated.

Crisis Director

Eleni Kapousouz

My name is Eleni Kapousouz and I am very excited to be serving as your Crisis Director for the Joint Cabinet Crisis for HamMUN 2017.
Originally a Greek from Turkey, I am now living in Paris where I have just completed my bachelor degree at Sorbonne-Paris IV University while I am currently pursuing an intensive course on Arabic studies as well as interning at a NGO. Model UN and crisis committees have been in my life for more than 10 years now and I am beyond excited for the HamMUN 2017 JCC.
In my free time I like to stroll around Paris,  try restaurants and pâtisseries, visit museums, read books and practise photography. My biggest passion has to be travelling and as such I am thrilled to be visiting Hamburg for the very first time.
I look forward to meeting all of you at HamMUN 2017.

Backroom Staff


My name is Alex and I shall serve as part of the Crisis Backroom at HamMUN 2017’s Historical Crisis.
I was born in Greece and after graduating the German School of Athens, I moved to Heidelberg, where I am currently majoring in History with a minor in Psychology. I’ve been doing MUNs since 9th grade and am thus coming to Hamburg in December in order to feed my MUN addiction and add another notch on my belt, which shall be nearing the 20 mark by that time.
In my free time I mostly read and talk too much. But not too too much. Just a little. I also write terrible stories. I might even write something about the events at HamMUN. If I feel like it, that is. So you know what to do if you don’t want your character dying a gruesome early death.
Looking forward to a fun time in December with you all.

Backroom Staff

Gregor Beck

My name is Gregor Beck and I’m happy to be part of the crisis backroom at this year’s HamMUN. I’m currently in the final year of doing a master in Peace and Conflict Studies and International Relations at the University of Frankfurt am Main. Originally from Berlin I have studied in Kiel and Kassel before moving to Frankfurt.
For the last several years I have dedicated a large part of my life to what’s commonly known as MUN enthusiasm. I have participated in several conferences in Germany as well as abroad and over the last four years I have been an active member of the organising team of the Main Model UN in Frankfurt. I am very much looking forward to HamMUN 2017 and I am happy to be a part of making this conference a success.

Backroom Staff

Arkan Diptyo

Hello hi World!
My name is Arkan Diptyo and I am excited already to be part of the crisis backroom for HamMUN 2017’s Joint Cabinet Crisis. Currently I am in my third-year studying Economics and Business in KU Leuven, right in the EU capital Brussels.
I started my MUN career the first week of Uni after moving all the way from my homeland Indonesia - After having chaired, organized and trained in several conferences across Europe, I decided to dwelve more into this unescapable alternate reality called Crisis. Indeed, HamMUN will be my first Crisis in Germany after being chair and also co-director in around the low countries of Belgium and Netherlands.
Outside the "diplomatic cosplay gathering” (MUN), you can find me globetrotting to other corners of the world (so far 35 countries under my belt), either cooking new recipes while discussing everything under the sky or trying out a new interesting cafe to hang out while taking pictures of the memorable surroundings.
Looking forward to meeting you all in Hamburg for the chaos to come, both in the crisis rooms and on the dance floor!

Backroom Staff

Henry Winkle

Dear All,
My name is Henry Winckle and I’m delighted to be serving as one of your backroom staff for the JCC at HamMUN 2017.
I’m a third year European Social and Political Studies student at University College London, although at the time of the conference I will be on my Erasmus to the University of Freiburg.
Like many others, I’ve been bitten by the MUN bug, first whetting my teeth on GA committees before moving on the wonders of crisis, where I’ve been everything from delegate to director. Backrooming HamMUN will, if my counting isn’t off, be my 20th conference
I’m Australian, Italian and Swedish, in no particular order, and considering that my last trip to Hamburg consisted of being stuck in the central station for several hours I am certain Hamburg and HamMUN can only impress this time!
In my free time, you’ll usually find me politicking for some cause somewhere, cooking while debating everything and anything in the kitchen with friends or conquering the world and/or universe in the latest Grand Strategy game on the PC.
I’m very much looking forward to seeing everyone at HamMUN 2017!

Backroom Staff

Hamzah Sheikh

Hello, hi. I’m Hamzah and I will be one of the Deputy Directors in this crisis committee. I was born in Birmingham, grew up in Birmingham and went to the University of Birmingham for International Relations with Political Science. I have directed 5 crisis committees and I enjoy Joint Cabinet Crises, especially those based on the Middle East, so you are all in for a treat. I am currently Co-Director for the Fictional Crisis at CUIMUN 2017 and the Crisis Director for LIMUN 2018. I like long distance walking, cats and coffee, my dream being to own a canal boat for recreational purposes. I look forward to seeing you all on my first trip to Germany and cannot wait to once again join my European family.

Backroom Staff

Luke Chan
Luke is a student at the University of Edinburgh who is currently completing his MA in International Relations and plans to further pursue a career in law and politics. Luke is also the co-founder of the HISHK Law Society, in addition to having helped establish the Mock Trial scene within high schools in Hong Kong. Luke has lived 3 countries and has an extensive CV spanning multiple sectors, allowing him to provide a unique perspective on a range of current events among other matters. Most recently, Luke worked at the Budapest branch of Kinstellar, an emerging EU based law firm which is a spinoff of Linklaters. Luke currently serves on the committee for the MUN society in addition to the HK EUPASS within his university and is an active member of the HK Chiu Chow Association’s volunteering program. A combination of traveling, MUN, skiing, cooking and theatre keeps Luke constantly occupied during off hours and on the move.