Joint Cabinet Crisis

Joint Cabinet Crisis

HamMUN has a long tradition for suspenseful crisis simulations and this year, we seek to dwarf even our own history. During our conference, we will simulate a Joint-Cabinet-Crisis.

This means that two cabinet style commitees will engage together or against each other in a truly unique and challenging crisis. Unlike regular MUN committees, the cabinets will work just like a president’s cabinet with every single delegate representing for example a Minister of the Interior or Director of the CIA instead of a country - complete with their own staff and agents at their disposal.
Crisis is different from “regular” MUN. Little rules of procedure and formal debate, but instead a constantly evolving crisis situation that is not only suspenseful and thrilling, but also changes dynamically based on your decisions and actions.

What we promise you is a unique crisis simulation that will challenge the creativity and abilities of experienced crisis delegates and newcomers alike - and no matter if you are a crisis veteran or want to try out MUN crisis for the first time: You are most welcome in this experience that will most likely be the highlight of anyone’s MUN year.

In order to make all of this possible, we give you a crisis team of unprecedented size and which features a cumulative MUN Crisis experience of over 30 years. Our delegate to backroom ratio is 1:4, something that few MUNs can ever muster and our whole team is working hard to make this years HamMUN JCC the best possible experience.

Topic: Europe after the Second Schleswig War, 1864

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Crisis Directors

Matej Lovrenovic

Matej is a 3rd year Politics and Economics student at the University of Surrey coming from Croatia. His MUN career is almost exclusively built on crisis to an extent he doesn’t even know how to write a working paper without trying to include an assassination attempt. He certainly hopes the delegates will share his enthusiasm both for the format and the topic and help create a dynamic and interesting crisis.

Arkan Diptyo

Arkan studies in the Faculty of Economics and Business of KU Leuven. Hailing from Indonesia, his 3 years so far in Belgium has been tangled in numerous student organizations with MUN being his mainstay. Started out a complete newbie Arkan is now into Crisis to let his inner history geek out. Other than crisis, he is also into specialized committees such as Model EUs, one of which - Brussels MEU 2019, he will be leading as the Director General. Arkan is known for his energy inside committee rooms and down the dance floor, which he also look forward to see from all delegates in Hamburg!