Meet the team!

HamMUN 2019 Secretariat


Meet Our Secretary Generals 2019!

Leah Mathiesen and Tobias Hinderks are incredibly excited to be the new Secretary Generals of the 21st edition of HamMUN. They are looking forward to a memorable and #hammunique conference this late fall in the beautiful city of Hamburg!

Secretary-General Tobias Hinderks

After joining the HanseMUN society in 2016, Tobias was a member of the Academics team first. After serving USG Finance last year, he was elected as Secretary General for the 21st edition of HamMUN. If there is no HamMUN stuff to do, he studies law at the University of Hamburg.

Secretary-General Leah Mathiesen

Leah Mathiesen is a 22-year-old student of Law at Hamburg University. Over the past years, Leah has participated in numerous Model United Nations Conferences. Besides, she enjoys traveling and is interested in learning about different cultures.

Academics Team

USG Academics Roi Nachlieli

Roi is 22 years old and from Israel. This year, he serves as USG Academics and hopes for a great conference this late fall of 2019!

Academics Team Member Mirko Schokr

Mirko is 21 years old and currently studying Law at the University of Hamburg. Once again, Mirko joins our amazing Academics Team for this year's HamMUN 2019!

Academics Team Member Aisha Erenstein

Aisha is a second-year Liberal Arts and Sciences student, majoring in International Relations, surprisingly enough, and studying in Amsterdam. She is 20 years old, Dutch-ish (#TCKlife), and has been a part of the international MUN community since 2014. She is also super excited to be a part of this years’ HamMUN Academics Team, after having been a chair last year, and a delegate the year before that. In the (Ham)MUN community, she has found a wonderful group of friends who are just as insanely preoccupied with debates, political memes and having a good time – which keeps her coming back, as she hopes you will too after HamMUN 2019!

Helena Granik Academics Team Member

Helena is a final year Modern Languages student at The University of Exeter in the U.K. She has Chaired at International Conferences; HamMUN 2018 was her first ever conference and she is very excited to be organizing HamMUN 2019!

Delegate Service

USG Delegate Service Anna Lena Duden

Anna, 20 years old is currently studying law in her fourth semester at the University of Hamburg. This year she will be joining the Secretariat as USG Delegate Service once again. What she like most about MUN is that it allows one to broaden their horizon by discussing topics one usually is not concerned about and also by getting to know interesting people from all over the world with various backgrounds and opinions.

Delegate Service Team Member Luca Leon Abels

Luca is an 18-year old law student from Hamburg. This year, he is part of the team responsible for Delegate Service. This is the first time he has partaken in the organisation of HamMUN, which has been great fun so far. He loves the opportunities to meet great people working together for one great final result, and also the awesome socials.

Delegate Service Team Member Katja Theresia Wolfschmitt

Katja is roughly 19 years old and started studying law at the university of Hamburg in 2018. This year she will be part of the delegates service team, meaning you can call her all around the clock, 24/7, whenever you need her. MUN conferences have a very special place in her heart, considering the opportunities it opens for one to meet great, new people and experience different cities, all while discussing topics dear to her heart.

Nicolas Schweikert

Nico ist 20 years old. He just started studying law at the University of Hamburg and joined HamMUN. He loves traveling around the world and he is particularly interested in international relations and politics, hence he wanted to get even more involved with HamMUN. For his first conference in November he joined the Delegate Service team. He is really looking forward to meeting new awesome people from all over the world and looking forward seeing you soon!

Charlotte Stange

Charlotte is a 19 year old law student at the university of Hamburg. Up to this point she engaged herself in formal debating but transitioned to MUN as the positions that are represented can be more flexible, especially when finalising a resolution. This year she will be a member of the Delegate Service Team, so if you have a question just ask away!

External Relations

USG External Relations Rahel Schwarz

Rahel is a 20-year old law student, currently specializing in EU-and Public International Law at the University of Hamburg while working as a research assistant. It is her sincere honour and privilege to serve as Under-Secretary General of External Relations of HamMUN 2019 and to work alongside a skilled, dedicated secretariat. For her, every MUN – but especially HamMUN – is a constant source of knowledge and inspiration: This platform allows students as well as young professionals to come together as one, to widen their horizons, to challenge themselves to improve their negotiation/public speaking skills and to engage in the ever-changing world of diplomacy so that ultimately, all of us can have an impact on today’s global society.

External Relations Team Member Lasse Lindloff

Lasse is a first year Law student at the University of Hamburg. This year, he is part of the external relations team. What he really likes about HamMUN is that you get a better understanding of how the UN works and how much hard work our politicians have to put in.


USG Finance Madeleine Dietzel

Madeleine is 22 years old and is currently studying law at the University of Hamburg. In this year's edition of the HamMUN she will serve as USG Finance and Head of Emoji Creation. When having some free time between the thrilling bookkeeping and her intense law studies, she enjoys making old fashioneds and dancing ballet.

Logistics Team

Logistics Team

USG Logistics Fiona Sauerbier

Fiona is 23 years old and studying Economics at the University of Hamburg. This year she is the USG Logistics. The best part of the HamMun for her is collecting great memories during the conference and during the time of the preparations.

USG Deputy Saiva Huck

Saiva is currently working on her master’s thesis in physics at the University of Hamburg. She joined the HamMUN Secretariat in 2017 and since then has very much enjoyed working with such a dedicated, fun and creative team, organizing our lovely conference and meeting interesting people from all over the world. This year, she is again joining the wonderful logistics team and taking up the role of deputy USG.

Logistics Team Member Christine Buhl

Christine is a 24 years old second-year law student at the University of Hamburg. When it comes to MUN, she is a complete Newbie, but the enthusiasm of her fellow team members was contagious, hence she is very excited to be part of this year's HamMUN logistics team. She is looking forward to meeting people from all over the world, discussing current events, gaining new insights and just having a lot of fun!

Logistics Team Member Merle Breckwoldt

Merle is a 20 years old student currently studying law at the UHH. As a first-time member of the logistics team, she will do her best to ensure that during HamMun everyone on site knows their way around campus. Besides getting to know young politically interested people from all over the world, she is most looking forward to HamMun’s reputedly amazing socials.

Logistics Team Member Laura Espitia Murillo

Laura, 21 is from Colombian and currently studying Business Administration at Hamburg University. She is happy to participate for the second time in the Logistics Team. What she loves about HamMUN? Having the opportunity to meet people all around the world, learn about their culture and interests.

Marketing and Communications

USG Marketing & Communications Franziska Bachmann

Franzisca is a 20-year-old law student at the University of Hamburg. This year, she has the honor to be part of the HamMUN Secretariat in the position of USG Communications and Marketing. What she like about MUN? It’s a great opportunity to meet and connect with kind and inspiring people across political and cultural boundaries! She is already looking forward to seeing you all in Hamburg in the late fall of 2019!☺️

Marketing Team Member Milena Jessen

Milena is a 20-year-old Psychology student from Hamburg, Germany. Being part of the HamMUN marketing team this year, she looks forward to exciting new experiences and a great conference! What she likes about MUN is the possibility to get to know interesting people and the ability to travel at the same time and make great memories.

Marketing Team Member Sadia Sadia

Sadia, 22, attends law school in her fourth year. After looking after last year’s marketing team, she now, along with her fellow team members, will be taking care of keeping you updated on this years HamMUN once again.

Marketing Team Member Jin Fuhrken

Jin is a 23 year old Law Student with a specialisation in Public International Law and European Law currently in his (hopefully) final year of uni. While already having tried to retire from the organisation of HamMUN in 2017, he is back as part of the Marketing Team. What he loves about MUN: the memories you have after a weekend of debating all day and socialising all night. When he is not stuck in the library, he enjoys cooking, a good scotch and judo.


USG Socials Merten Prößdorf

Merten is a 21 years old Law Student at the University of Hamburg in his sixth semester. He is the USG Socials for the second time in a row, after taking part in MUN conferences for almost 3 years now.

Socials Team Member Moritz Rumpff

Moritz is a 21 year old law student from Hamburg. For this year’s HamMUN, he will help organise the socials. Apart from those, what he enjoys about MUN is that it enables one to debate large-scale politics with people from various political and cultural backgrounds.