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HamMUN 2019 Secretariat

         Secretary Generals

Meet Our Secretary Generals 2019!

Leah Mathiesen and Tobias Hinderks are incredibly excited to be the new Secretary Generals of the 21st edition of HamMUN. They are looking forward to a memorable and #hammunique conference this late fall in the beautiful city of Hamburg!

Secretary General Tobias Hinderks

After joining the HanseMUN society in 2016, Tobias was a member of the Academics team first. After serving USG Finance last year, he was elected as Secretary General for the 21st edition of HamMUN. If there is no HamMUN stuff to do, he studies law at the University of Hamburg.

Secretary General Leah Mathiesen

Leah Mathiesen is a 22-year-old student of Law at Hamburg University. Over the past years, Leah has participated in numerous Model United Nations Conferences. Besides, she enjoys traveling and is interested in learning about different cultures.