Meet the team!

HamMUN 2020 Secretariat


Secretary-General Madeleine Dietzel

Madeleine is 23 years old and is a third year law student currently persuing a specialisation in public international and EU law at the University of Hamburg. This year, she has the honour to serve as Secretary-General.


Director-General Laura Espitia Murillo

Laura Espitia Murillo is a 22-year-old Colombian studying Business Administration at Hamburg University. She has been gladly part of the #hammunique experience for the past three years and on this twenty-second edition of HamMUN, she has the honor to be the Director-General. Having the opportunity to share with people from all around the world, learn their culture, share points of views and discuss different opinions are just some of the charm that will be awaiting everyone in this 4-days event. She fully wishes that everyone who participates on this year's conference enjoys this magnificent journey.

Academics Team

USG Academics Daria Kisseleva

Daria is pursuing a master’s degree in International Development and International Security. She has been involved in Model UN for a while now, in every capacity from delegate to Secretariat, and everything in between! Growing up between two countries with fairly different cultures, Daria’s favourite part about MUN is meeting people from different cultural backgrounds and exploring the diversity of points of view. She is deeply convinced that Model UN can be a great tool to create positive change, and being part of the HamMUN 2020 team is a true honour for her!

Academics Team Member Dimitra Psychari Cohen

Dimitra is a 24-year-old law student from the UK, however she was originally born in Athens. She joined her first MUN conference by chance and since then she has participated in more than 40 conferences. She has done MUN mostly in England and Israel, however through this activity she had the chance to visit many places in countries like Spain, Greece, Germany, France and USA. She loves bubble tea and Bretzeln and gets angry when people refer them as “Pretzel”. She has previously participated in HamMUN as a delegate and she was amazed by the high academic level, great organization and friendly atmosphere. As an Academics Team member, she will help in staff recruitment and assist the chairs to build amazing committees, in order to offer you a high quality plus enjoyable conference experience.

Academics Team Member Franziska Bachmann

Franziska is a 21-year-old student from Hamburg University. She joined the HanseMUN society when taking up her studies in law in 2018. Ever since, she is involved in the organizing process of the HamMUN conference and enjoys preparing the society’s Monday Sessions during the semester. She is very much looking forward to meeting you all in Hamburg this late fall!

Academics Team Member Irena Shaleva

Irena Stanislavova Shaleva is a second year student of International Sciences at the University of Turin.

Delegate Service

USG Delegate Service Charlotte Stange

Charlotte Stange is a 20 year old law student from Hamburg but grew up in Bielefeld for the most part. She discovered MUN when looking for an alternative to the traditional styles of debate.

Delegate Service Team Member Calvin Winstanley

Calvin Winstanley is a 20 year old law student from Hamburg who grew up in the United Kingdom. He started MUN in 2019 to keep up with his interest in politics and make use of his English skills.

External Relations

USG External Relations Jin Fuhrken

Jin is a 24-year-old who has just finished his Law Degree at the University of Hamburg. Whist waiting to start a legal traineeship, he was talked into serving in the External Relations Team. He has been actively involved in the organisation of the HamMUN for the last 5 years, and hopes that this year, after another great conference, he will finally be able to retire from this. Apart from MUN, he enjoys cooking, with a few drinks to go with it.

External Relations Team Member Anna-Lena Duden

My name is Anna Lena, I am 21 years old and I study law in the 6th semester at the University of Hamburg. This is the third time that I am joining the organization team and I am already very excited for another hammunique experience.

External Relations Team Member Nicolas Schweikert

Howdy, this is Nico, he is 21 years old and studies law in his third semester. He was always very interested in international relations and diplomacy, so he joined the HamMUN Monday sessions right on the first day of his first semester. After helping to organize the 2019 HamMUN conference, he's keen on doing so again this year, although he might not be present during the conference itself.


USG Finance Luca Abels

Luca is a 19-year old law student at Hamburg University. Doing MUN since 2016, he has held positions as chair, delegate, and staff, trying his best to be director of Finance this year.

Logistics Team

USG Logistics Henry Wirth

Henry is 23 years old and studies economics in Hamburg. He loves to organize big events.

Logistics Team Member Merle Breckwoldt

Merle is 21 years old and currently studying law in her fifth semester at the UHH. As a second-time member of the logistics team, she’ll once again do her best to make everyone on site feel welcome, while for the first time partaking in the conference as a delegate.

Logistics Team Member Lasse Lindloff

Lasse is 20 years old and this is his second time helping out at the HamMUN. He is in his second year of law school at the university of Hamburg.

Logistics Team Member Christian Renno

Christian studies law and is 21 years old. He thinks that sharing different beliefs and exchanging cultures is an important step in today's peace building and that MUN is helping towards achieving that goal.

Logistics Team Member Sanna Peter

Sanna Peter is a 22 year old psychology student at the University of Göttingen. Having had her first MUN experience in Hamburg 4 years ago she is excited to be part of this years logistics team.

Logistics Team Member Valentina Nobmann

Valentina Nobmann is a 23 year-old law student at the University of Hamburg. Since she was at school, she participated actively at every MUN and she became so passionate about it that she dreams of working at the UN one day. She's looking forward to contribute and make HamMUN 2020 a great experience for everyone.

Marketing and Communications

USG Marketing Milena Jessen

Milena is a 21 year-old econ undergrad at the University of Bonn. She joined the HanseMUN society during her studies at the University of Hamburg and is looking forward to another inspiring conference!

Marketing Team Member Emma Treskatis

Emma Treskatis is 20 years old and studying law in the second semester at the University of Hamburg. Through MUN, she hopes to engage in political debates with people from all over the world.

Marketing Team Member Katja Theresia Wolfschmitt

Katja is a 20-year old from Hamburg who has fought her way into the second year of law school. She enjoys discussing political topics as much as getting drunk with people from all around the world. Which is why she is looking forward to dominate the dancefloors of Hamburg with all of you.


USG Socials Merten Prößdorf

Merten is studying law at the University of Hamburg. He is 22 years old and looks forward to making the evenings part of an unforgettable HamMUN experience!