NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)


The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is an intergovernmental political and military alliance based on the North Atlantic Treaty, which was signed in April 1949. It was originally formed to combat communism however it currently consists of 28 sovereign member states that are determined to pursue main security as well as defense-political goals.

Topic A: Women in NATO

Topic B: The Role of NATO in the Mediterranean 

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Isabel Vicaría Baker

Isabel Vicaría Barker is currently a final year German law student, revising for the Bavarian State examination in Munich, Germany. She began MUN during her freshman year of high school and has since then participated in over 30 conferences across Europe in various capacities - HamMUN 2018 will be her fourth MUN in the Hanseatic city. When not MUNing, studying or working, you will find Isabel in the gym, wandering through different cities with her camera or in bed binge watching various TV series on Netflix with a nice cuppa. She looks forward to welcoming you all to HamMUN 2018 in December!

Aisha Erenstein

Aisha is a second year student at Amsterdam University College, where she will be majoring in international relations. She was introduced to MUN in 2014, and has not been able to leave it since. Aside from MUN, she spends most of her ("spare") time running the Social Science department of AUCs academic journalInPrint, making puns, and playing Ultimate Frisbee (yes, there will be a disc present in committee). HamMUN 2018 will be her 11th conference, and second time chairing. She hopes to bring some fresh energy into NATO, and along with her co-chair is excited to see what fruits the debate will bear!