(North Atlantic Treaty Organization)


The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is an intergovernmental political and military alliance based on the North Atlantic Treaty, which was signed in April 1949. It was originally formed to combat communism however it currently consists of 28 sovereign member states that are determined to pursue main security as well as defense-political goals.


Level: Intermediate

Number of Delegates: 28 Delegates

Topic A: "Operation Sea Guardian", Reinforcing NATO's presence in Southern Europe and Mediterranean Sea

Topic B: Discussing an outer-space defence strategy

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Daria is studying International Development at Sciences Po, in Paris. She discovered MUN in her first year of university and became addicted ever since, taking part in numerous conferences across Europe and around the world. Having grown up in countries with different cultures, Daria’s favourite part about MUN is meeting people from different cultural backgrounds and exploring the diversity of points of view found among participants in international conferences like HamMUN. When she is not doing something MUN-related, Daria likes to read about astronomy and cosmology, or taking long walks in nature. It is an honour for Daria to be back at this amazing conference this year again to chair NATO, and she cannot wait to meet all of you in Hamburg!

Daria Kisseleva

Petros Karakanas comes from the city of Thessaloniki, Greece, where he is currently a 4th student in the faculty of Law in Aristotle University, mainly interested in Criminal & International Law. Petros used to be an athlete competing in 400 m. dash and 400m hurdles. Among his interests are included photo-shooting, cooking, reading literature, travelling and singing, since he is a member (tenor) of a choir. Concerning his MUN experience, he has participated in 14 MUNs both as a Chairperson and Delegate since 2014, while granted many awards. He is extremely enthusiastic for chairing NATO in HamMUN 2019, since security and political committees are his favorite in MUNs.

Petros Karakanas