Press Team Applications

Join the HamMUN 2019 Press Team!

 Why to be part of the press team?

 Our offers to you:

  • You are part of Germany’s leading conference, not only with regard to the number of participants, but also with regard to the topics and the mixture of maritime and urban flair Hamburg is representing!
  • You have access to amazing socials with cheap drinks – experience the hammunique way of partying!
  • You have a reduced Fee!

Your tasks:

As a valued member of the Press Team, you will tour the conference venues as a blogger, photographer, cameraman and interviewer to keep track of what happens in and out of events and committee sessions.

We will compile stories, pictures and videos of the conference for delegates to view during and after HamMUN2019 on our Blog, in Social Media, and in Video.


If you have any questions regarding the Press Team, don't hesitate to contact


Press Team Applications are open until November 20th.

Press Team Director

Rahel Schwarz is a law student majoring in EU and Public International Law at the University of Hamburg. As soon as she learned how to read and write, Rahel started filling notebooks with short stories. Volunteering as an administrator & editor for the online-youth-literature magazine from 2012 to 2016 gave her the opportunity to interview renewed authors like Cornelia Funke, Jostein Gaarder and David Safier. Rahel entered the MUN circuit inspired by her ever-growing interest in politics, diplomacy and international law & driven by her firm belief that journalism has the power to engage people in an important discourse on issues that concern all of society. She has since delegated at an advanced level in array of committees, but her path always leads her back into the world of journalism: In April, she had the pleasure of successfully chairing the Press Corps at JLMUN 2019. For Rahel, who also serves as USG of External Relations at HamMUN 2019, there is no MUN without a Press Team. She could not possibly be more excited to act as Press Director of the 21st edition of HamMUN. Here is to making the Press Team a vital part of this wonderful conference with informative, honest, entertaining & engaging reporting!