Rules of Procedure

Rules of Procedure

Down below you can find the RoP´s for HamMUN 2023!

R.o.P. HamMUN 2023 finalised

The Rules of Procedure apply to all debates at the Hamburg Model United Nations Conference (HamMUN). An assembly of the size of a United Nations plenary session cannot work without a strict and binding set of rules. It is therefore of utmost importance that all participants understand the basic Rules of Procedure.
The Rules of Procedure will secure an orderly and productive working atmosphere and thus allow an understanding of diplomatic work. We recommend to all delegates at HamMUN the Rules Workshop at the start of the conference.
For those new to Model UN, we highly recommend you bring the Rules of Procedure in long, as well as short form, to the sessions at HamMUN. You will find some examples of how items might be formulated which will hopefully help you to bring in your points and motions.

Best of luck and enjoy the conference!
The HamMUN Academics Team

 To help you write a resolution, you may use this template: