(United Nations Security Council)

According to the Charter, the Security Council has primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security. It consists of 15 member states, with one vote given to each. Recognizable are the 5 permanent member states that are granted with a veto power. All of the other 10 member states are elected with two-year terms. Aligned to its task the SC meets whenever peace is threatened. It also has the unique power to make decisions that the member states are then obligated to implement.

Level: Expert

Number of Delegates: 15 Delegates

Topic A: The Situation in the Sahel Region

Topic B: Reviewing the UNSC’s Role in the Sanctions and International Agreements Relating to Hong Kong

Chair E-Mail: unsc@hammun.de

Kelli-Anne was born in South Africa before she immigrated to Toronto, Canada. She discovered her passion for MUN at her first conference in November 2016. Since then, she’s participated as a delegate, a chair, press director and a Secretariat Member at conferences throughout Europe. Beyond that, when she’s not at a MUN conference or studying her Masters, she’s a huge nerd. She partakes in everything from anime, to magic the gathering, to video games, to dungeons and dragons, to comic books, to tabletop games to quoting Lord of the Rings movies. So yeah, nerd. She also adores dogs, singing, and travelling. She is a self-diagnosed chatterbox with an addictive personality and ultimately, just trying to do send out good vibes into this endlessly chaotic world. She looks forward to seeing you at HamMUN2019!

Kelli-Anne Tim

Zoe is a Politics and Economics student at the University of Reading and has been attending and organising conferences for the past eight years. Originally from Somerset, in the South West of England, she started her MUN career back in 2011 on the promise of investigating exciting topics in a greater amount of depth than she would usually be allowed to, and was thrown into a conference with participants who were, on average, 6 to 7 years older than she was. Nethertheless, this allowed for one of the most exciting weekends and drewher into the world of MUN that she still loves fifty conferences later. She encourage you all to bring your passion, vigour and enthusiasm to these debates, to take on the challenges that these simulations present, and to learn from your fellows, as everyone brings a different voice that should be equally heard. She looks forward to meeting you in Hamburg for this most exciting of conferences!

Zoe Braddik