Travel to Hamburg

Travel to Hamburg 🧳 🧭 

You can get to Hamburg by rail, road, air and even by boat. Here, we will present you the most likely ways to reach Hamburg (so, not by boat):

✈️ by air - cooperation with FLYLA

Hamburg Airport serves several quite affordable airlines such as easyjet and Eurowings. Alternatively you might want to fly to another airport in northern Germany (via Berlin Schönefeld/Tegel, via Bremen Airport, or via Hannover Airport) and go to Hamburg by rail or bus.


This year, we are extremely excited to announce our cooperation with FLYLA, a fast growing start up from Munich, giving university students the opportunity to discover the world through discounted flights.

FLYLA meets HamMUN

Hi, my name is Fabian and I am one of the founders of FLYLA.
We are a fast-growing start-up from Munich, giving university students the opportunity to discover the world through discounted flights.
This year we are particularly excited and honored to be working together with HamMUN, as we identify with the values Model United Nations teach.
Values such as but not limited to:

  • Community: connecting with new, exciting and interesting people from all over the world,

  • Experience: debating the most important topics of today’s politics, and

  • Sustainability: working together towards making the world a better place through holistic approaches.

These are some of many reasons why we at FLYLA are excited to support this amazing conference with all of its members.

So, please allow me to give you some further details in regard to FLYLA.

What's FLYLA?

As I’ve said before, FLYLA is offering discounted flights specifically designed for university students, thereby democratizing and shaping a new era for travelling opportunities.

To achieve this we partnered with some of the leading airlines of the world, like Lufthansa Group (Eurowings, Lufthansa, Austrian Air and Swiss Air), Qatar Airways, Ethiad Airways as well as Vueling. Those airlines provide us a set amount of discounted tickets, which we are allowed to offer to university students. Through these particular deals, we can offer flights with an applied discount rate of up to 75%. Our customers save on average 34% using our student deals, if compared to regular prices.
In addition to that, every single flight booked with FLYLA is 100% carbon neutral. On top of this, we are planting at least one tree for every flight booked over our platform.
As a university student, registering with FLYLA is simple. All you have to do is create an account on our website by providing us with your name, email address and the university you are attending. We do everything else for you.

Discount for you

Through our cooperation with HamMUN, we are excited to provide you with an additional 5,00€ discount code that can be used on every single flight booked over our platform. Just use the code “HamMUN5” under the index tab "total amount" to save even more on your flight to HamMUN.

What about the environment?

Flying and at the same time being environmentally aware seems to be contradictory concept. At FLYLA we firmly believe that climate change is the defining challenge of our time. We are aware of the environmental impacts caused by flying. However, we also know that being aware of an issue is simply not enough.
HamMUN teaches you that in order to truly change something for the better, you have to take bold, exciting actions.

That is precisely what we did.
Our goal was not only to reduce the ecological footprint from our own internal operations, but much rather to compensate all emissions in relations to our operations. Already, we have compensated the CO2 emissions of every single flight booked over our platform in the past with our partner First Climate.
Additionally, we planted thousands of trees with our partner Eden Reforestation Projects. By planting trees, we can create multidimensional values and also initiate positive feedback loops in the regions. We will plant at least one tree for every single flight booked over our platform. Those who think environmentally conscious and cannot or do not want to do without flying, find a new possibility for climate-compensated air travel.

How did FLYLA manage to become a carbon-neutral company?

Obviously, it was impossible for us to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from planes to zero, as this is an issue we unfortunately cannot control.
In order to achieve our goal to be a carbon-neutral company, we took three steps.

  1. We analyzed every single flight that has been booked over our platform and used a combination of different calculation approaches to determine the CO2-emissions;

  2. We started collaborating with First Climate to compensate all of our past and future CO2 emissions;

  3. We initiated a partnership with the ‘Eden Reforestation Projects’ and planted thousands of trees to initiate positive changes and will plant up to three trees for every flight booked through our platform.

By doing so, we are proud to say that we are a certifiably carbon-neutral company. Every flight booked over our platform is 100% carbon neutral and between one and three trees are planted on top of that. With us compensation is not an option, but automatically integrated into the booking process without any extra cost for you as a consumer. You can find out more about our environmental efforts on our website. 

Closing remarks

If you have any further questions about us, please feel free to message Franzi from my team: On behalf of the entire team of FLYLA, I wish you fruitful debates and a #hammunique time at one of the best MUNs in Europe.

🚂 by train

If you are from continental Europe or your flight goes to another city than Hamburg you might want to use the train.
These are mostly operated by the de facto monopolist Deutsche Bahn and tend to be rather expensive.
However, if you book earlier - not earlier than 90 days though - you have the chance to get to purchase a reduced ticket ("Sparpreis")!
Generally, it is a fast and pleasant way to travel.

For further information, visit:

🚌 by bus   

In Germany, it is quite cheap to travel from one city to another by bus. This is certainly not the quickest way to travel but if you need to travel inside of Germany and you want to save some money, its certainly a cosiderable option. One of the most useful comparison/search sites can be found here: