Tuesday Sessions

Tuesday sessions

During the semester, every Tuesay at 6pm we meet in order to have a small-scale UN-simulation. This Semester we are in Room S30 in the VMP 9 Building ("social-economic-Building"). At these simulations we discuss international issues according to the United Nations Rules of Procedure. 
If you have fun discussing current world politics and trying to solve international crises or if you want to improve your english and public speaking skills you should definitely come by. 
A Laptop or tablet can be very helpful during the session and we would advise you to bring one.


With or without previous MUN experience, you are welcome to joins us at thr weekly sessions. All you need to bring is a laptop, your voice and motivation.
If you have never done MUN before, xou might want to prepare yourself a little bit. Therefore we have collected some basic MUN-knowledge for you, which youa re most welcome to read.
A typical MUN session has strict rules. In order to easily participate in discussions at MUN.conferences, it is important to learn these rules, to understand them and exercise them. For this purpose, the weekly sessions are a marvellous opportunity!
There are two different roles to play in a MUN-session: the Chairmen, shortly "Chairs", who lead the session and decide who may speak at which time. Delegates represent the different countries which have to chance to debate within the committe.
Delegates can introduce various motions in order to sturcture the session. To introduce a motion, you will raise you hand/placard/flag as soon as the chair calls on you, you may rise and say: "Motion to..." - a list of all the possible motions is available here: