(United Nations Environment Programme)

The United Nations Environment Programme is an United Nations agency that makes decisions and policy on global environmental issues around the world. They assess environmental trends on many levels of governance in order to influence nations to enact environmental policies that are sustainable. Overall, the UNEP seeks to create a sustainable future by addressing global environmental problems.

Level: Beginners

Number of Delegates: 50 Delegates

Topic A: Food and Climate - Sustainable Production and Consumption

Topic B: Sustainable Management of Marine and Coastal Environments

Chair E-Mail: unep@hammun.de

Winona is originally from Hamburg. She studies political science and social and economic history at the Georg-August-University Göttingen in Germany. Currently, she is participating in Erasmus at Tartu University in Estonia. During the last years, Winona has participated in different MUN conferences across Europe as delegate, chair or organizer of GöMUN. Besides MUN she enjoys Horseback riding, travelling, reading a good book and watching movies. She is looking forward to chair the UNEP and to come back to HamMUN for the 4th time. She hopes for fruitful debates, creative solutions and an overall amazing conference.

Winona Sophie Kampfhausen

Susanne goes by the nickname Susi and is a student at Leiden University in the Netherlands, where she studies two Bachelors: Psychology and International Relations. Her MUN career started at HamMUN as a delegate, led her to be the Treasurer and Vice President of the LeidenMUN Foundation and now back to HamMUN as chair. Her preferred committees involve humanitarian issues and the environment, she recently chaired UN WOMEN in Istanbul. As chair she values substantive research, heated debates and looks forward to getting to know the delegates of HamMUN 2019!

Susanne Goetz

Eleftheria, 19, born and raised in Athens, Greece, where she is currently a mechanical engineering student at the National Technical University of Athens, and she solemnly swears she is up to no good. Despite her odd-one-out selection of studies, which has nothing to do with law or international relations, she has been passionate about Model United Nations ever since she was 14; having participated in various conferences and on various assignments, she has come to realise how significant a role MUN plays in her life, and how it motivates and inspires her to always grow bigger and discover new paths.

Eleftheria Arkadopoulou