UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme)

The United Nations Environment Programme is an United Nations agency that makes decisions and policy on global environmental issues around the world. They assess environmental trends on many levels of governance in order to create and influence nations to enact environmental policies that are sustainable. Overall, the UNEP seeks to create a sustainable future by addressing global environmental problems.

Topic A: Mitigating the Effects of Climate Change on Water Access 

Topic B: Enviromentally Displaced Persons

Chair E-Mail: unep@hammun.de


Leonard Heberer

Hi! My Name is Leonard Heberer and I will have the pleasure of being one of the Chairs for the UNEP at HAMMUN 2018. I have been doing MUN since April 2014 and over the past years MUN has become more for me than just a hobby, but a possibility to meet interesting people from all over the world and what makes our modern, multipolar world go round.
In my free time I enjoy travelling (as most MUNers I guess) and reading a good book. Looking forward to fruitful debates, creative solutions and an amazing conference!

Natalie Joray

Natalie is a 20-year-old Swiss International Relations student and is currently doing the second year of her bachelor at the University of Geneva. She got into MUNs after her history teacher signed up her entire class for a local high school level conference and has been hooked ever since. So far, she has been attending over a dozen conferences as a delegate all over Europe. She is also involved in her local MUN association, starting off as a participant in their delegate training and now as the PR director. This is her first time chairing and she hopes to contribute to make the 2018 edition of HamMUN a memorable experience!

Marion Luc

Marion is a 21 year old French student. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Translation, and is currently completing her postgraduate of political sciences, majoring in discrimination and gender studies in Toulouse (South of France). She is out-going, loves traveling, meeting new interesting people and learning about their cultures. She started participating in MUNs two years ago as a delegate. HamMUN will be one of her first times chairing, but she is eager to make it the best experience possible.