UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change)

Level: Beginner

Topic 1: Climate change education

Topic 2: Mitigating the effects of climate change on small island nations 

Number of Delegates: 60

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is an international environmental treaty, in order to stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system. As of 2015 the treaty has 197 parties involved, including all UN members. However there are differences between the parties, which are organised in several Annex defining different responsibilities. 



Vivian is half British, half Dutch, but lived in Vienna, Austria for 14 years before moving to Maastricht. There she is currently enrolled in the second year of her Bachelor in European Studies. She started her MUN journey as part of UNSA Maastricht’s Permanent Delegation, within which Vivian was able to attend several MUNs across Europe. Last year she took part in HamMUN as Marine Le Pen in the EP, and had a wonderful time representing the controversial character. This year she is looking forward to co-chairing UNFCCC at HamMUN 2017.

Kieran Spencer

Kieran Spencer is a third year International Relations student from the United States at Bilgi University in Istanbul. He has participated in MUN events all over the world in varying capacities ranging from supporting practice conferences in Peru, being a delegate at the Harvard National MUN conference in Boston, to multiple chairing positions in Turkey. After working with the United States consulate to fund refugee assistance programs, Kieran is eager to support the delegates at HamMUN Human Rights committee to work to find solutions to global issues relating to the environment.