UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) 

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees is an award winning (one Nobel Peace Price in 1954, one in 1981) UN agency mandated to lead and coordinate international action to protect refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). The main activities include the protection of refugees’ and IDP’s rights, emergency help through humanitarian action and durable assistance by supporting voluntary repatriation, local integration and resettlement. With currently almost 60 million forcibly displaced persons worldwide, this UN Agency has doubtlessly a vast responsibility.

Topic A:  Intergration of Refugee children 

Topic B:  Contageous diseases in refugee camps 

 Chair E-Mail: unhcr@hammun.de


Giacomo Bruno

Giacomo is a 20-year-old Law student at the University of Turin, Italy. He started MUNing during his last year in high school and has now attended several conferences, both as a delegate and as staff. He is deeply convinced that MUNs - even if we sometimes take ourselves a little too seriously (come on, we all know we do) - are a powerful tool to bring together young people who share common values and profound respect for human rights - which is nowadays of enormous importance. Passionate about philosophy and journalism, Giacomo is dreaming of becoming a reporter. Or a judge. Or an astronaut. He is eager to meet you all in Hamburg!

Daria Kisseleva

Daria is currently studying International Relations at the University of St Andrews, where she is doing an Erasmus exchange (what is even Brexit?). She discovered the wonderful world of MUN back in Paris as she entered university. It has become her best excuse for traveling ever since. Having grown up in countries with different cultures, Daria’s favorite part about MUN has to be meeting people from different cultural backgrounds. One of her last MUNs was HamMun 2017 where she had the pleasure to attend UNHCR as a delegate. It’s therefore an honor for her to be chairing UNHCR this year, and she cannot wait to meet all of you in Hamburg!

Niklas Jakobs

One of the chairs for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees will be Niklas Jakobs. He studies law in Heidelberg and has been a part of the Heidelberg MUN Society since the start of his studies in October 2016. It will be his second time chairing and his fourth conference in total. He will do his best to ensure that the whole committee feels comfortable and ready to discuss. When not thinking about law or MUN, Niklas loves spending time with his friends and playing the trumpet in an orchestra.