United MUN

EuroMUN Maastricht and Hamburg Model United Nations (HamMUN) have created a strategic partnership to provide a consistent experience for the delegates. The United MUN partnership was signed at the closing ceremonies of HamMUN 2013 on December 8.

HamMUN and EuroMUN have agreed to undertake the following efforts at every MUN they :

  • Harmonizing the Rules of Procedure (RoP);
  • Enabling delegates to participate in a Pre-Program if they wish;
  • Guaranteeing lectures by experts during the opening ceremony and in relevant committees;
  • Providing a consistent, secure and convenient registration process for delegates;
  • Providing feedback on Position papers, done by Committee directors, as well as publishing all papers committee-wide;
  • Challenging advanced delegates with high-level Crisis simulations;
  • Organizing a ‘black tie’ event to uphold class and diplomatic conduct;
  • Ensuring authentic conduct of procedures in for example the cooperation of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union;
  • Sharing best practices for mutual benefit.

HamMUN looks very proud on the great cooperation with EuroMUN and hope to continue to pursue it in order to provide a great experience for the delegates of both conferences.Container