Why to be a Chair

What you do:

  • You moderate debates, rule on points and motions, and conduct the rules of procedure.

  • You lead the discussion in order to control the thread and not let the delegate get out of topic.

  • You are objective concerning topics, as you are the moderator and frame of the discussion.

  • You are well informed about the topic, the delegates can come to you during the week and ask you any type of questions.

  • You are be able to spread a positive atmosphere within your committee.

  • You  are be able to deal with difficult situations and maintain order in the committee.

  • You are able to function even after a night full of international symposiums!

Our offers to you: 

  • You are part of Germany’s leading conference, not only with regard to the number of participants, but also with regard to the topics and the mixture of maritime and urban flair Hamburg is representing!

  • Access to amazing socials with cheap drinks – experience the hammunique way of partying!

  • For you, there is no conference fee, as you are helping us to make the conference special.

  • You will be granted free accommodation for the whole conference time!

At HamMUN 2020 we are offering an exciting Crisis. For this purpose we are looking for:

  • an experienced crisis director, who will lead the backroom

  • a cabinet chair, who will be part of the frontroom

  • motivated crisis staff members, who would like to work closely with the crisis director to give the delegates a difficult time.

If you have any questions regarding the Chair Application, don't hesitate to contact info@hammun.de.