Words Of Welcome

        Words Of Welcome

Dear future delegates, staff and chairs of HamMUN 2018,

It is a great pleasure for us to invite you to the 20th anniversary edition of Hamburg Model United Nations.

HamMUN started as the vision of young and engaged students at the University of Hamburg, 20 years ago. Today it is Germany’s largest university-level MUN conference and certainly one of the top conferences in Europe. It is a great honour for us to continue this tradition and it seems very unreal to imagine that the conference we are a part of now is only slightly younger than we are.

It seems even more unreal, if we reflect what changed during these 20 years. Especially, if we realise that not all of these changes were positive. The 90s were an era which was coined by optimism: The Soviet Union had collapsed, the victory of the liberal democracy seemed definite and the new Russian state seemed to become a reliable partner of the western world. The political scientist Francis Fukuyama captured the zeitgeist when he called for the “End of History”.

Olga Komorowski and Lukas Hofmann, Secretery-Generals of HamMUN 2018

Today, 20 years later, humanity faces various new challenges: digitalisation, increasing support for populist movements in western democracies, the conflict in Syria and climate change, to only name a few. In fact, we have to recognise that history has not ended at all. Instead, many of these challenges are heavily shaped by our actions in the past and how we tackle them today will again shape mankind’s future.

And that is where we all come into play. Today we may be students, but if we learn, discuss and understand each other today, we might be the generation which is able to overcome these challenges tomorrow. Every single one of us can help to give the future a better shape. The fact that so many young people are coming together to discuss the numerous challenges we are facing today, the fact that so many of us are interested in understanding other people’s points of view, can do nothing, but encourage us to believe in our future.

Therefore, we want to invite every single one of you to Hamburg. Let us reflect the past and reshape the future!

Kind regards,

Olga Komorowski and Lukas Hofmann

Secretary-Generals of HamMUN 2018