Words Of Welcome

        Words Of Welcome

Dear future Delegates and Chairs,

We are incredibly excited to invite you all to the 21st Edition of Hamburg Model United Nations, taking place this year at the University of Hamburg from 28th November to 1st December. We are looking forward to an adventurous year and hope to give you another #hammunique experience full of challenging debates and amazing socials this late fall in the beautiful city of Hamburg.

Taking over this project that has been run by students of the University of Hamburg for more than two decades by now is an incredible honor. Hamburg Model United Nations has grown into the largest university level conference in Germany and one of the largest in Europe and we will work on making this experience a memorable one for all of you that will open your mind to new perspectives and advance your speaking and negotiation skills.

Tobias Hinderks and Leah Mathiesen, Secretery-Generals of HamMUN 2019

 In a time like this, when connecting with people from different cultures, crossing international borders and having access to information that gives us a chance to approach issues from different perspectives is easier than ever, makes the list of ongoing wars and conflicts around the world hard to comprehend.

Today we are experiencing politicians, holding high political offices, that spread
their  thoughts without challenging their choice of words, disregarding their potential impact on risk peace and stability. Either they are not aware of the impact of what they are saying, or at worst, they use the power of words deliberately to provoke a certain action. That is to say, that the current trend in the diplomatic discourse is moving away from the peaceful power of words.and back to the opinion that provocation and weapons are stronger than negotiations held in a respectful and considerate manner. It is our task to signpost peaceful ways of conflict resolution. We hope to be a springboard, a catalysator for those who are ready to take on responsibility, to be advocators for change, to invest their skills where it is needed so that we can stand united for democracy, equality, respect, tolerance, negotiation and by that peace achieved through diplomatic means.

”Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate“ (Kennedy, 1961).
This is why we sincerely hope that someday we are able to solve all the conflicts the world faces in a peaceful and comprehensive manner.  Mankind knows more than a hundred of language families, thousands   of   languages  and   one   single  language   knows millions of words. Yet, the word to describe the act of negotiation is astonishingly similar in many languages:
Diplomacy.   Diplomatie.   Diplomacia.  Diplomatie.   Diplomazia. Diplomasi.
This is why we sincerely hope to welcome you all in the beautiful city of Hamburg in late fall 2019 to inspire you to start shaping a new era of diplomacy.
Sincerely yours,

Leah Mathiesen and Tobias Hinderks
Secretary-Generals of HamMUN 2019